Business photography in Wroclaw.

Business photography, corporate photography, business portraits, photoshoots for employees.

The purpose of business photography is to portray a corporate image in the most positive light. A well thought out photoshoot, performed in a professional way encourages the potential customers to use the services and raises positive emotions towards the company and it’s employees.

Numerous companies decide to arrange a photoshoot of their representatives, which is then widely used in the social media. As a result, the coherent corporate image is enhanced by professional photographs of the executive board.

In some cases our photoshoots aim at building the employer’s image – they are used in “Career” tabs on websites and in job offers, which allows to promote the atmosphere and culture of the organisation.

Most common business photography deliverables:


Prosper Capital — wizerunkowa sesja zdjęciowa 1

executive board’s image photoshoots


Portret biznesowy

business portraits


Sesja employer brandingowa — DYKA Sp. z o.o. 3

photo sessions of employees at work


Deichmann — Sesja employer brandingowa 4

employer’s image enhancing photo sessions


Photoshoot preparation


Makeup artist is crutial for preparation before photo session.
They are responsible for appropriate makeup and perfect hairstyle. Their accompainment allows to pick up imperfections and correct them.

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