Creative advertising photography studio from Wroclaw.

Advertising photography is an art of showcasing products and services in an uncoventional and visually attracrive way. We perform sessions that result with eye-catching and memorable photographs.

Advertising photography, often referred to as commercial, is a broad term, which includes:

  • studio sessions of hi-end products, highlighting key features through uniqe lighting setup and intense retouch,
  • photography focused on capturing products in their natural surroundings in order to stimulate clients’ imagination and inspire to take actions,
  • photo sessions of services and manufacturing processes

It doesn’t matter what kind of advertising photography we perform – our work starts with setting goals and expectations, which the results have to fulfill. With such guidance, we put forward relevant ideas and methods of realisation.

Grzegorz Krychowiak for Toyota Motor Europe

Most common advertising photography deliverables:

product and service photography

photo sessions for websites

hi-end product photography

event photography

food photography for restaurants and diet box services.

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